Exodus No Longer! Long Live Archive!

It has been a busy week!

Probably the biggest change made this week is our name. Exodus, Escape the Galactic Plane has been rechristened Archive, Memoria Technica.

The reasons for the name change are varied, but most critically was my finding a game on Greenlight called Exodus. . .

I like the new name a lot, as it relates to several elements of the game, and the narrative’s themes. The fact that it is more alphabetical-listing friendly is a plus as well.

On the strictly dev side of things, I have been reworking the title screen and am pretty pleased with how things are going so far. It isn’t quite ready to show off yet, so stay tuned!

The tutorial is also coming along strong, and should be ready for our submission to the After Darkade. I’m really excited for the chance to show the game off in its current form, especially as part of a film festival. (Wish us luck!)

Speaking of wishes, please do check out our Facebook page and Like us if you do!



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