Progress, and New Arrivals!

Been a little while since my last update, and a fair amount has happened! Most spectacular was the early arrival of Audrey Cameron! I hope you all join me in congratulating Michael and his Wife Chrissy on their beautiful daughter!

Naturally, with this kind of arrival, development has taken been put on the  back burner for the last little bit. . .

Right now our focus is on building and polishing the tutorial level, and it is coming along well. New tools that I totally didn’t spring on Michael last minute have made it possible, and Mike’s fingers sore. We hope to have a new demo build, complete with tutorial level so it will finally be accessible to everyone without reading the website.

Additionally, we have gotten more sound effects in, and it is getting really awesome to hear it all come to life. Still waiting on some final editing before we start voice recording, but that will also be coming soon! Anyone who has or can believably fake a crisp, musical Indian accent and is interested in doing some voice acting, please get in touch!

We have also gotten in some of the new Enemy animations, and things are looking niftier than ever. The Kamikaze enemies, once called space sperm, are no longer quite so. . . suggestive. Instead they look simply beautiful.

Last but not least, we have also got a facebook page setup for the game finally! Please take a look, and share widely!


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