It has been a couple of weeks since my last post, for which I apologize! However, I am returning to the blog with a huge amount to share.

We have a new web build for you to play here:

Please read the How Do I Play section if you have not played it before, as we do not yet have our tutorial built and the game is difficult to grok completely on the first go. The Demo as it stands does not have much of the story in it, but you can definitely get a good feel for the mechanics and play.

Please leave us comments and feedback, either here or on the demo site!

You will notice some pretty drastic changes if all you have played previously was the build on our site. Most excitingly we are getting our sound into the game! Not everything is in yet, and not every sound is finalized, but it is very exciting!

Another very exciting development was being invited to show the game at the Open Air Festival last week. I wasn’t able to get a post out about it beforehand, but the event went very well. Tom Frencel of LittleGuyGames paid us one of the nicest compliments we’ve gotten so far, without quite meaning to I think: When he saw the demo he asked me what studio we were with.

Apparently we are getting good at faking being professionals!

Right now, development-wise, I am focusing heavily on level building and content creation. I have the plot written, and know what I need to build, so its all about grinding it out! We still have a fair ways to go, and need to add bosses, more interesting scoring systems, and such, but its coming along well!


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