Slow day presaging an insane weekend. . .

Today was a slower than usual day for exodus development, due largely to Michael Cameron going MIA to the cottage for the week. Still, I spent some solid time balancing and rebalancing weapons and enemies, and the demo build is looking pretty solid so far.

I am a bit intimidated by what lies ahead however: this weekend I got invited to show the game at Atomic Lollipop. . . and when I said yes I had no idea what I was getting into. The gig is an overnight convention. Sadly I’m going to be late setting up due to work, but even so, it is going to be insane playtesting the game with anime fans overnight till Sunday.

I have no paper materials to give out, and by business cards don’t have the game info on them . . . this is going to be crazy.

Also, the super fun of possibly having to run the build on a laptop with a broken screen is also somewhat stressful. . .  Since we have not been optimized yet, my el-cheapo laptop just doesn’t have the juice to run it smoothly. Sadly I don’t have the money to repair my monolith’s screen, so here is hoping Emile gets me that projector 😉

Wish me luck, and maybe see you there!


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