Little Changes Make a Big Impact

It has been a good week so far for Exodus. Lots of little tweaks, like new impact particles, destruction effects, and UI expansion. Kinda tricky to screenshot effectively 😦

The long-awaited health purchase is now working in the upgrade screen between waves!

Some new iconography is also getting developed to make the UI more self-explanatory and we are finally, FINALLY starting to develop the framework that will allow for story-mission construction. I am super excited to start really building the levels the game is going to have on release. So far all that has been available are some demo enemy waves we threw together, so this is going to be a massive change!

Sound is still on hold, and I have also been refining and pruning the script. It’s coming along well, but big thanks to Michael Todd for the encouragement to cut it down and reorganize it significantly for better information absorption. Also for general support through this ongoing project!

The Big question I want to ask you is this: how important is it to be able to skip mission briefing text if you are playing the game while it runs? If you have stuff to do with your ship (dodging incoming obstacles in this case) while you listen, does that mean you will be more likely to want to listen to the plot stuff, or would you want the ability to skip the entire sequence, or just the plot text, or none of it?



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