Developer Blog: Exodus grows and evolves!

It has been a very exciting week for my studio’s first game, Exodus (working title).


First up, for folks who don’t know, Exodus is a top-down dual-stick shooter with some neat tower defence elements thrown in. You play as the Codex, an artificial sentience inside a nano-manufacturing drone. You have been tasked with carrying the Archive, another AI, to Earth. The story is heavily influenced by the ancient Hindu text the Bhagavad Gita, and questions the nature of memory, and authorship, and the importance of either.

The game features the ability to customize your arsenal through 3 different base weapons, each with a branching upgrade tree and a final count of 21 unique weapons in the game. The weapons hover around your ship, in a pretty big build area, allowing for dozens of turrets to be constructed. You can also assign up to 4 of them as AI controlled, allowing you to drop and recall them from anywhere on the map, or have them auto-target the enemy from shipside.


This week we finally got all of the 21 weapons working as they should, and the new UI is looking great. A challenge we face now is that we need more clarity on our iconography. The weapon upgrade and customization system is a bit complicated, so figuring out the least wordy means of presenting it has been a poser from the get-go. We are closer, I think, but not there yet. (Thanks to Jon Remedios for the awesome feedback at this week’s IGDA!)


We have been working on different star-systems for the games background, and it has been a lot of fun building various planets and stellar phenomena in Unity, and watching them come to life with a few simple lines of code. Overall I am very happy with how the visuals are evolving, which is good since they are my job 😉



We are close to the point where we will need some playtesting for weapon balance, so let me know if you are interested!



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